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The new Nexx Rucksack brought to you by NEXX HELMETS. Nexx have an unreal collection of XG100 helmets coupled with the XG100R Helmet and the all new XG200 helmet range too.

The Nexx helmet rucksack  is remarkably light weight yet rough and tough all at the same time. So many helmet bags or protection we find just meet the ForMotorbikes mark because it’s usually very very heavy or just clumsy and unusable. Something that would be pushed to the back of the wardrobe instead of doing it’s job. Protecting the protection. When helmets are not in-use or in storage they often get in the way or collect dust when the rain comes! It’s great that Nexx have brought us this really unique roll top protective bag. The clips tot he side are easy to undo and reattach. The adjustable straps and clips are all really good quality. The bottom can be seen to have a durable hard wearing leather base to protect from the wet.

The Nexx Rucksack is available in Oil a very dark slate look and Tank a sandy soft looking bit of kit. It’s trendy and versatile, even space for your all important mobile phone and water bottle.

So tell us what you think! or grab yourself some protection right now from us here at ForMotorbikes


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