Comprehensive rider review Nexx XD1 helmet

One of our fab customers, Paul Todd, has sent us this review of his Nexx XD1, following two years of hardcore riding.

I’ve had the XD-1 for a couple of years now and it’s proved what a versatile helmet it is!  It’s been used:
  • in torrential thunderstorms touring in the Pyrenees
  • on a 16 hour day off road day in the searing heat of the Sahara
  • off road in Iceland through lots of river crossings
  • touring in the Alps
  • out on the trails in muddy Wales in the Spring
Nexx XD1 rider review

After a spill !

It’s kept me well protected from the elements, never steamed up, been comfortable at all times, gives a nice wide field of vision and is quiet even at high speed on the road. I also like the way all the inner liner comes out and can be given a good clean.


I’ve fallen off a few times off-road  but so far have managed not to scratch it and it still looks like new!
Here’s a couple of pics, the first is doing a river crossing in Iceland on our way to ride the entire length of the Sprengisandur route and the second is on the edge of the Sahara in Morocco when I got caught by a flying rock just below my sunglasses (hence the slightly bloodied face!)


All in all I’m extremely pleased with my purchase! Check out the full Nexx XD1 range at ForMotorbikes