Nexx the helmet range widely talked and reviewed about internationally. ForMotorbikes has been the leading NEXX motorcycle dealer for over 6 years now and has seen, felt and heard it all while building the Nexx Brand a top seller. Nexx motorcycle helmets and accessories have gone from strength to strength which can be seen in the HUGE range of lids readily available HERE.

The latest Nexx XWED2, Nexx XG100R and Nexx XWST2 models have unfortunately seen delays in production and in turn supply due to the absolutely gutting and catastrophic fires at their main carbon and fibre production units in Nexx Portugal HQ. Nexx are recovering, rebuilding and most of all COMING BACK with all their might indeed. Nexx helmets are customised and produced in ways rapid volume production firms dream of and that is just one of the many things that set NEXX HELMETS apart from the rest of the world. Nexx have our FULL support and assistance in anything they come up against and ForMotorbikes is committed to Nexx.

Nexx XR3 was set to hit the market for 2018 and WILL STILL hit the 2018 market later this year which ForMotorbikes is super excited for but we do now see the NEXX XR2 Carbon Pure Readily Available at just £299.99 – INFO HERE  . The NEXX XR3 motorcycle helmet is undoubtedly going to be worth the wait with just some of the smallest of previews being seen.

The Nexx XG200 Purist, Nexx XG200 Dusty Frog, Nexx XG200 Super Hunky, Nexx XG200 Rock ON, Nexx XG200 Flat 6, Nexx XG200 Dirt Fever and Nexx XG200 Desert Race launched into the NEXX HELMET world for 2018 which as a good all round full face helmet and extended visor front is great for the city rider, the touring rider, sports ride and even the carter! (Subject to restrictions of certain circuits ofcourse). All of the NEXX XG200 is ECE certified for road use. Nexx also brought us the NEXX XG Facemask named RIOT with comfy goggles HERE AND more NEXX accessories…the Nexx Rucksack Garage range HERE.

The NEXX Range is extensive but we’re here and we want to help you get this right. As riders we believe that all our recommendations are the best ofcourse but we continue to build our ever growing range of NEXX HELMETS with them ‘for the ride, for the rider’ at all times.

We’re here to help with the Nexx Selection, The Nexx feel but we can’t ride the NEXX HELMET FOR LIFE style for you, that is for you to live, enjoy and keep safe!  So give us a shout and tell us what you like? what you don’t? and what you look for…it’s for the life of the living and not for the faint hearted out on the roads so take a look at the NEXX helmet and accessory range today.

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