It probably won’t have escaped many this weekend that the latest draft of Moto GP ‘Aero’ packages made an appearance at Brno with the Ducati version certainly the most eye catching. Since the Lotus 49B in 1968, ‘wings’ in the motorsport world have been virtually an ever present apart from on Motorbikes.

Ducati and Yamaha have really been playing around with different designs in recent years and this weekend only added fuel to the office debate on whether the wings have a place in Moto GP or bike racing full stop. We love the aggressive look of the wings on the bikes but with all the talk in Fomula 1 over the last decade or so on how the areodynamics packages on the cars have made close racing ever more difficult, we would hate to see motorcycle racing go the same way. We love the ever so close racing and lap after lap duels which you ever so rarely see at the top level of single seater racing. Regardless of this the top level teams pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible with these Moto GP bikes is a good thing for all of us. The usable tech should, and does filter down to the production bikes they build which means the bike you buy off the shelf next year should be a step ahead of the one that could be bought last year and that can only be of benefit to all of us.

The only problem with the strive for aerodynamic perfection is that I’m 6’ft 2′ and  90kg, so when I pop my head out of the bubble all those engineers hours working on the aerodynamic efficiency in the lab are null and void.