Action Camera HD 4K

Drift Innovations latest addition the HD GHOST 4K Action Camera. Looks good, works well & has some interesting little additions this time around. The Drift Ghost 4K is a jam packed version of everything out there but in this tiny little work of genius. Riders can be assured of incredible STABLE, 4K HD adventure pictures and videos alike. The way to capture your life is with the all NEW Drift HD Ghost 4K Action Camera. There’s simply nothing else out there, that does what it says.

Obviously with the Drift HD Ghost 4K camera it’s self, it comes with the free Drift Life mobile app and with one single tap its there to be edited, shared and one NEXT LEVEL feature we were very surprised to see was LIVE STREAMING to the world on the go. Simply Perfection with a cool slick design. Giving you and the world the real you, in real-time, in real-life….

4K UHD at 30 FPS – What does it mean? 30 frames per second, well..So every second of time this tiny little device captures video or stabilised pictures at a rate of 30 every single second. Pretty quick for a small guy eh? Well it gets better. 2.7K (thats 2700) at 60 FPS and 1080P at 120 FPS. UNREAL. Its surprising stuff coupled with dual front and rear microphones for amazing sound quality but with that all important wind protection and reduction. Automatically enabling the rear if too much out front and vice versa. Great work from DRIFT once again. Theres a low light mode, video tagging, even slip it into the car (for when it rains) to capture footage from inside as a dashcam. Dashcam mounts available too! DRIFT can you get it any more RIGHT??!?!?! We live life so fast, Drift just keep us entertained and up to date without even thinking about it. Need one in life right now? CLICK HERE

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