drift ghost x

Drift Innovation for 2018 have brought us a Drift Ghost X action camera. Drift have and are at the top end of the market with the Drift action camera range Drift Ghost 4K and Drift Stealth 2 coupled with a neat Drift Compass too.

The Drift Ghost X is well under budget at just £139.99 from the £299 4K Ghost option. The 4K is a big price jump and the Drift Ghost X specification just about cuts the mustard. The Ghost X camera video resolution at 1080p at 30 frames per second will be more than enough for the motorbike sports or adventure riders. The Drift Ghost X also has lower video resolutions and frame rates available but why would we want to do that? Capturing the best of everything in 4K comes at quite a premium with the requirement for better quality memory cards, brackets (dont let it fall off) and generally a little more anxious of the near £300 4K unit simply going missing on a ride!

The Drift Ghost X has the multi-buttons at the top and the small display at the back too so you always know whats going on or NOT as the case maybe. The Drift Ghost X keeps the Ghost 4K bullet style, streamline, nifty and just a really good all round unit at under half the price of the 4K Ghost option.

So much like the 4k Ghost but without that rather hefty price tag. ForMotorbikes LOVES the 4K Ghost for it’s outstanding picture and video quality but we do have to keep all our riders at the the front of the review queue.

Drift Ghost X is expected for release Mid-May 2018 and we are already getting very excited for the first one. ForMotorbikes will be dispatching upon release so why not get your order in today ? You can do this HERE


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