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The ALL NEW Nexx XWST2 , Nexx XWST2 Carbon Zero, Nexx XWST2 Motrox helmets – The wait is over… It’s available now.

2018 brings you the Nexx WST2 CARBON ZERO…What a piece of work Nexx Helmets have done with this. The external shape and helmet overall shape is simply outstanding. The attention to detail along the front leading edges all the way to the very back. When this helmet is placed on your head you know you’ve made the right choice straight away. The Nexx range of helmets for 2018 has really gone all out with the interior luxury padding and edge protection for when taking the helmet on and off your head. Being fully carbon in the WST2 range makes this really stang out with those hard rear styling lines with the carbon bubbles really taking your breathe away. NEXX have made some subtle changes to the lower entrance areas which make it very comfortable indeed. The safety strap remains more or less the same but with another logo alerting all those around to the feature of the helmet. The dropdown dark internal visor its neat and tidy with an easy external slider.

ForMotorbikes has had a few comments along the way to say that Carbon on a helmet can sometimes make it look like a cheap chinese replica but that certainly is not the case with Nexx XWST2 Carbon Zero and at £349 quite the bargain out there…some Carbon helmets in this class and style we’ve seen for near £1000.

ForMotorbikes has shot two videos in one here. One in the rider view and one on it’s back so you can see the very top and further detailing to the sides. The interiors are luxury beyond expectations for sure.

ForMotorbikes brings you the Nexx WST2 CARBON ZERO Helmet with Free UK Delivery at £349.99. WORLD WIDE AVAILABLE! Ask on the site for more details where a biker is ready to help out.

Checkout the Nexx WST2 Carbon Zero lid here:

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