1. 2017 Motorcycle helmets clothing nexx shark agv richa furygan macna forma

    2017 Motorcycle Helmets & Clothing

    We love this time of year, when the new motorcycle helmets and clothing ranges are unveiled for dealers and riders. This time, it’s Intermot at Cologne, Germany which has the honour of first showcasing 2017 motorcycle helmet and clothing. The first couple of days, 5th and 6th October are reserved for dealers like ForMotorbikes, who…

  2. Nexx SX100 helmet 2017

    Nexx Helmets 2017

    The Nexx helmets 2017 range has just broken cover to us at ForMotorbikes and we can exclusively reveal that for the first time, it includes a full face helmet at under £150.  The Nexx SX100 will give you the opportunity to enter the premium helmet market for just £149.99.  And great news, even at this…

  3. Comprehensive rider review Nexx XD1 helmet

    Nexx XD1 – Comprehensive Rider Review

    One of our fab customers, Paul Todd, has sent us this review of his Nexx XD1, following two years of hardcore riding. I’ve had the XD-1 for a couple of years now and it’s proved what a versatile helmet it is!  It’s been used: in torrential thunderstorms touring in the Pyrenees on a 16 hour…

  4. coolest motorcycle jackets 2016

    Coolest Motorcycle Jackets 2016

    Motorcycle jackets make a huge impact. Think back to the iconic imagery of Marlon Brando in The Wild One, you can’t deny the part which the motorbike jacket played in defining his bad boy character.  There have been many more leading men who’ve donned a motorcycle jacket to create a striking image, James Dean included. So, with…

  5. nexx helmets sale

    Nexx helmets sale

    ForMotorbikes is having a Nexx helmets sale, be quick whilst these superb, handmade Portuguese helmets are on offer. On sale are the Nexx XR2 Carbon, Nexx XD1 and Nexx XG100.

  6. bikes v cars

    Bikes v Cars

    We’re bored of this debate.  You roll out a Bugatti Veyron and I match you with an HP4.  They’re both mind-bendingly quick, but that misses the point.  What you most certainly can’t replicate in any car, even the likes of an Atom, is the incredible sense of freedom a motorcycle gives you.  You can’t dance…

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