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The revolutionary new AGVisor instantly switches from a clear visor to a dark visor with the touch of a button. Using LCD technology, bonded to the visor, the AGVisor saves you from having to carry two visors, so you no longer have to be concerned with the sun appearing whilst out on the bike. The AGVisor fits the AGV Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce helmets and contains a small, rechargeable battery which powers the liquid-crystal display. The battery, which is located in a small controller box underneath the power switch, can be fully charged via USB in 2 hours and lasts 12 hours before it needs recharging. A built-in security system ensures that, should the battery depletes whilst you're out on the bike, it'll stay in clear mode.

The other benefit of AGVisor is that the LCD technology acts rather like a Pinlock lens, meaning that it creates a vacuum effect between itself and the visor, so won't fog up. We expect the technology to filter down to the rest of the AGV helmet range such as the K3 SV and K5, but for now it's available for the top end models listed above. Valentino Rossi already has his, check out the picture of the AGVisor on his personal Pista GP helmet by selecting the 'Pictures' tab above. Also check out the 'Video' tab above, to see the AGVisor in action, effortlessly switching between clear and dark modes at the touch of a button. The AGVisor is available in one size and ForMotorbikes sells it with Free UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping, with excellent value shipping rates.

AGVisor Instructions

AGVisor is the result of the know-how and expertise that AGV developed over time and of a long period of Research and Development work that began several years ago. This visor features an ultra-thin inner screen containing a layer of liquid crystals. The visor can darken instantly with just a touch on a external button by taking advantage of the property of liquid crystals to line up instantly along the electrical field lines created by the difference in potential between electrodes and a subsequent reduction in crystal transmittance.

Introductory Notes

This manual is provided without a warranty of any kind. AGV Spa reserve the right to make changes to this manual at any time and without prior notice, due to typographical errors, inaccuracies. Updates of information, or improvements to programs and/or equipment. Such changes will be made to subsequent editions of this manual that will be published on the website Users should consult the website to check for changes and important updates.

AGVisor complies with all the technical regulations applicable to the product within the scope of applicability of EU directives:

  • EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
  • EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011
  • EN 61000-6-1:2007
  • and
  • ECE/ONU regulation N° 22 amendment 05

The product bears the CE mark in conformity with EMC Directive 2004/108/CE. Users must not make changes or modifications of any type to the device. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by AGV Spa void the user’s authorisation to operate the equipment.

Intended Use of the Visor

The visor is approved for use in compliance with ECE/ONU N° 22 standard, amendment 05. The visor can be used under conditions that are recognised by ECE 22-05 standard with the following restrictions:

  • The visor can only be used on public roads when it is in high transmittance (clear) mode and only during the hours of daylight.
  • The visor must not be used in low transmittance (dark) mode when riding on public roads. For dark mode use on private tracks or in privately arranged competitions, consult the regulations of reference.
  • Use of the visor is dark mode is not recommended under poor light conditions.
  • There are no restrictions for passengers.
  • Use the visor instead of sunglasses.

AGVisor Instructions for Use

AGVisor must always be kept in perfect condition to ensure optimum vision. If the visor is scratched, damaged or cannot be thoroughly cleaned, it must be replaced immediately. This applies in particular to scratches or scuffs when riding in the rain or when meeting the headlights of oncoming traffic as the rider's vision can be drastically reduced. To clean the visor properly, remove it from the helmet and clean with a soft cloth and the specific AGV cleaner. Don't rinse the visor under running water. Cleaning is much easier and more effective if carried out immediately after use.

Never use petrol glass cleaners, other products or chemical solvents as they can compromise the quality of the visor. Do not expose the visor to heat to dry and in general never expose it to temperatures of over 45°C. This includes not leaving the helmet and visor in the motorbike storage compartment or inside a car if either is in the sun in particularly hot weather. Do not apply stickers or adhesive tape to the visor. Do not use sharp or pointed objects to remove dirt from the visor, whether inside or out.

Compatibility with AGV Helmets

AGVisor is compatible with AGV Pista GP, AGV Corsa and AGV GT-Veloce helmets. AGVisor is not compatible with other models of the helmet. Do not make modifications of any kind to the swivel mechanisms on the AGVisor in an attempt to fit it to AGV models other than the AGV Pista GP, AGV Corsa and AGV GT-Veloce.

Do not remove or try to remove the internal LCD screen. This screen cannot be repositioned on another visor of either the same model or any other model. Do not bore holes in the AGVisor in an attempt to fit other accessories, especially Pinlock anti-fog visors or Tear-off strips.

Visor Movement

The visor is made of scratch-proof polycarbonate, and is provided with a mechanism for roto-translational movement. This enables the visor to move away from the helmet and rotate during opening, while guaranteeing excellent airtightness during closing.

The mechanism has 3 operating positions: fully closed with the visor locked by the mechanism on the chin guard, ideal while riding at high speed, visor open with micro-openings to allow a small amount of air to flow in while riding at low speed. visor fully open and completely raised to be used only with the vehicle stopped and to make it easier to put the helmet on and make adjustments.

Besides guaranteeing excellent airtightness while riding, the visor locking mechanism reduces the probability of it opening in case of a fall, preventing any foreign bodies from coming into contact with the user's head. The visor fastens automatically when lowered, while 2 operations are required to open it:

  • 1 - press the button and push the visor upward, the visor will be released in the micro-opening configuration;
  • 2 - press the button again and push the visor upward, the visor will be released fully and free to rotate to the fully open configuration

Important. We recommend that you carryout the following operations while resting the helmet on a flat surface.

Removing the AGVisor

To remove the visor, lift it until it is fully open. Then, starting from one of the two sides of the helmet, pull the release lever downward and move the visor away from the shell. Repeat the operation on the other side and remove the visor.

Fitting the AGVisor

Starting from one side of the helmet, with the visor fully listed, pull the visor locking lever downward and insert it onto the rectangular base of the mechanism fastened to the helmet. Then, release the locking lever and repeat the operation on the other side. Open and close the visor to check correct rotation and operation of the locking and micro-opening mechanism, until it snaps into place.

Battery Charging

AGVisor comes supplied with a USB cable for recharging. Under normal conditions of use, the battery lasts about 12 hours. After about 600 recharging cycles, the battery still provides 80% autonomy. To recharge the unit, connect it to a PC/Mac via the supplied USB cable or to the mains using a suitable adaptor with a USB port. Recharge for about 120 minutes. While the battery is recharging, the AGVisor stays in "dark" mode and when the charge is complete, it goes back to “clear”. We recommend fully recharging the battery for the first two/three cycles and allowing it to run completely flat each time.

Fail Safe System

The unit was designed to stay in CLEAR mode and can therefore still be used on the road even if the battery is completely fiat or in the event of a malfunction.

Instructions for Disposal

The device is an electronic device and must therefore not be disposed along with domestic waste at the end of its lifecycle. To prevent harm to the environment or the health caused by the inappropriate disposal of waste, users are asked to separate this product from other types of waste and to recycle it in a responsible way, in order to enhance the sustainable reuse of resources. Domestic users are asked to contact the dealership where they purchased the product or their local waste disposal site to have the product recycled.

The battery in this product cannot be replaced by the user. Do not try to open the device or replace the battery, as this will irreversibly damage the product. The battery in the device was designed to last for the whole lifecycle of the product.

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