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agv k3 sv

The AGV K3 SV is a much-improved version of the regular K3 helmet and takes its design from the top of the range, MotoGP-inspired, Corsa and Pista models. AGV have taken on feedback from customers who bought the K3 and improved the shell, inner lining, visor mechanism, venting and noise insulation to produce a lid which represents exceptional value for money and performs brilliantly. First and foremost, thanks to the improved shell and inner lining, the fit is far better, not just in terms of sizing, but comfort too. AGV have introduced Small/Medium (SM - 57cm) and Medium/Large (ML - 58cm) sizes for the new range, providing a far better fit in the popular mid-range sizing. The inner lining is far more comfortable, being much softer on the skin.

The helmet has been developed using learnings from the top of the range Pista and Corsa models, to improve things like the venting, visor mechanism and closure system. The visor can now be opened just enough to allow for a nice flow of air to your face, through the flick of a new, centrally located tab. The visor has several 'stop' points, allowing you to control the amount of air flow you want, but this new tab allows you to ride at slower speeds with a constant flow of cool air, without the visor fully closing. A really nice feature.

The K3 SV is ECE 22/05 and ACU Gold approved, features a composite shell and EPS lining for effective shock absorption. The helmet is available to order from ForMotorbikes, and as a leading AGV UK stockist, we sell the AGV K3 SV with FREE UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, USA and Canada.

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