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agv fluid

AGV Fluid Helmet

The AGV Fluid helmet is an extremely competitively priced open face, jet helmet, perfect for the daily commute, zipping to the shops or meeting up with your mates. This jet helmet differs from the AGV K5 Jet for instance by its stylish higher cut at the rear of the helmet. It's ECE 22/05 homologated, with the outer shell manufactured from high resistance thermoplastic resin. To keep the shell size as small as possible, there are two different shell sizes, spanning helmet sizes XS to XL, plus four EPS inner shells. These cover head measurements of 53cm to 62cm and be sure to check out our sizing chart using the tab above, to find out how to accurately measure your head.

The design of the AGV Fluid makes for a really stylish and modern looking helmet, perfect for your naked motorcycle, maxi scooter or moped. The full length clear visor does a great job of blocking the wind, since it extends to below your chin, plus it'll keep you from being bombarded with bugs. Then there's the cool, inner sun visor. The great thing about the AGV Fluid is the way you can easily drop and retract this sun visor. It's operated by turning the wheel on the left side of the helmet, so nice and easy with your riding gloves, when you need to block out the glare of the sun. Being on the left side of the helmet, you can still maintain throttle control whilst adjusting the wheel.

The AGV Fluid helmet is nice and light, weighing 1280g (for the size medium) and features a breathable inner lining, which is also removable for washing, to keep you comfortable whilst you're on your ride. The helmet has a central air vent, so that you can adjust a flow of cooling air across the top of your head. You can close the vents in cooler weather.

The AGV Fluid comes with a micro-metric adjustable buckle to secure the helmet, so it's quick and easy to fit and remove it. The Fluid is available in a variety of colours, including both a matte and gloss black, which always look great on a motorbike helmet, plus the special graphic designs, the Equaliser, Radius and Pix.

We think that the AGV Fluid will be a really popular choice for urban commuters who don't want to spend a fortune but want a recognised brand name and an ECE homologated helmet. Take a look through the Fluid range above and choose your favourite colour. Be sure to double check your size using our helmet sizing chart, which you'll find on every helmet page. Simply select the 'Sizing' tab for guidance on how to accurately measure your head and how this translates to the AGV Fluid sizing.

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