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agv ax8 evo naked

AGV AX8 Evo Naked Motorcycle Helmets

The AGV AX8 Evo Naked is an aggressive looking road helmet, designed for riders of Streetfighters, Supermotos and Naked motorcycles. With it's sharp, angular lines, the AX8 Evo Naked really sets off the look of these kind of bikes and has been designed to account for the fact that they offer less wind protection than faired bikes. The helmet has an impressive drag coefficient of just 0.55, so you won't be pulled around in the wind when you get a lick on.

The helmet visor has a large aperture, so you can see more of what's going on around you, making for a safer ride with more sense of freedom. There are vents at chin level plus another two on the top of the helmet, providing a decent flow of air across the top of your head. The helmet shell is made from a tri-composite blend of fibreglass, aramid (kevlar) and carbon fibre, plus an anti-scratch, anti-fog polycarbonate visor make for a pretty lightweight lid (1500g in size medium). There's also the AX-8 Carbon Naked, which features a visible carbon shell. Check out the full details below.

Finishing off the AGV AX8 Evo Naked are a breath guard, removable & washable inner lining and a double D ring strap fastener. The AGV AX8 Evo Naked is ECE 22/05 approved and we sell this lid with FREE UK delivery, plus we offer Worldwide Shipping at excellent value shipping rates.

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